Under the Blanket of Freedom

an interdisciplinary dance-music theatre performance piece embodying the psychological distance between generations through the use of text, scenography, projection, music, and movement as separate means of storytelling.

Author Gyongyi Salla and Choreographer Nadine Freisleben (GAU Company) direct together a story about relationships inspired by sociological, historical, political, anti-sexist and anti-racist interrogations. 

Under the Blanket of Freedom is played in the 21st Century; therefore all its elements that are combined on stage will reflect the influences of art and literature within this “modern” era. Using visuals/ projection as an addition to the traditional stage design, we will mimic close to real environments and effects. With this avant-garde form of expression and through technology we would like to provide the audience with a two-or three-dimensional experience combined with music to create an audio-visual narrative.


Visuals + live

photo credit: @viktoria.binges

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